KYB 4 Men

KYB 4 Men



Firstly, thanks must be given to my wife, Olga, for the encouragement to start a Men’s KYB group at our church.  She has been a KYB Leader for some time and often came home “raving” about how the women in her group were growing spiritually as well as forming solid, positive relationships. (We have three women’s groups within the church).

So in January 2013, I started a group with four apprehensive men.  The intention was to give KYB a go for one term and then evaluate as to whether we would continue. We quickly found the KYB study format invited us dig deeper into the Scriptures.  The men did the study in their own time and came along to our meetings, eager to share what they had learnt. At the end of the term, I put it to the vote as to whether we should continue.  It was an emphatic “Yes!”

Our initial small band of men has quickly grown into two groups, because they encouraged others to join.  I now run two groups a week, a morning (retirees and sometimes, shift workers) and an evening session (for the day workers).

It’s amazing to see how they are willing to share, not only the answers to the study questions, but also with details of their own lives. Men are renowned for not being “talkers” but these guys sometimes have to be “shushed” so the study can continue!  We also laugh a lot, just enjoying each other’s company!

Prayer is also a vital part of the time we spend together and all join in to bring our praise and requests to the Lord. We have seen many answers to prayer since we started and God constantly confirms how He is blessing His children. We approach Him with great excitement and anticipation, every time we meet.

In both groups, we have learnt to have the freedom to be ourselves, to build relationships and to reveal to the other men, some of the trials and struggles we face each day.

We are maturing spiritually, caring for each other, trusting and willing to share.

I cannot speak more highly of the benefits of KYB for Men and take every opportunity I can to speak about this wonderful ministry.